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October 24, 2012
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Dem Alptraum Herr werden by Konsumo Dem Alptraum Herr werden by Konsumo
Some thoughts brought to life.

Done for a rpg.

As so many people enjoyed the piece, I'll try to translate the text. It's about a character named Fierce. He recently had an encounter with some dark demonic creature and got bitten. This work illustrates his thoughts and emotions, interfering with his normally very organized way of thinking. As I wrote it down, I tried to phrase it like hasty thoughts are phrased: short, emotional, intense and chaotic.

Translated text:

Darkness, darkness that took shape.
Like a demon, a beast formed out of pure
spite, this big cheese, this gangland boss
unleashed to get me.

It bit me...brutally..remorseless,
my blood trickling down its fangs.

(now it's getting tricky as I'm starting to mix lines and the text gets more chaotic. It's harder to read but now you can read it in more way than one as a visualization of thoughts messing and interfering with each other)

I was weakened, barely able to conceive what was happening ... not able to move
I was weakened, barely able to think straight

I was frozen in terror, paralyzed.
It was not only the pain...there was something else creeping into my mind, poisoning and overgrowing my thoughts.

(single words (emotions) obscure the otherwise solid path of the line above - Rage, fear, numbness, despair, hate, agony, chaos)

(The following words are not fully written, parts of the letters are missing)

Thoughts..... become... unsteady.... blurry...

(from now on there are three main thought processes wrestling in his mind for dominance)

1. (the words start very small and become bigger and bigger as if he would cry them out)! Help! HELP! .....
Help me...please....somebody...

2. (the words become increasingly sketchy and expressive)

Chaos....Cha....os....Fear...Fear!..Fear! No! Fear!

3. (to the right...becoming more stable and back to normal, as if he's starting to wrestle the panic down)

It's....tearing me apart....
Bring order..Fierce order

order. are stronger than...
...stronger than...

...the darkness.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2012-11-20
Dem Alptraum Herr werden by ~Konsumo is a great emotional piece of hand-drawn typography. Even tho it is written in German, you can feel the nightmare by looking at the words and how they look. ( Suggested by Rutana and Featured by pica-ae )
splendid execution and typeface.
Can definitely see the struggle in the words, even though I didn't understand it initially. Excellent work.
Also, how could I forget? The artwork is interesting too; Nicely played! :)
Wirklich toll gemacht und im ersten Moment dachte ich, wie schon jemand angemerkt hat, dass es mit meinem Lieblingsbuch 'Die Stadt der träumenden Bücher' zu tun hat :wow: Atemberaubender Stil, ich finde es einfach umwerfend :love:
sandy100000951 Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
:omg: Wirklich sehr schön gemacht!

Es erinnert mich ein wenig, von der Art her, an eines meiner Lieblingsbücher (Die Stadt der träumenden Bücher, W. Moers)
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