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The lovecraftian pony boardgame
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It's always pleasant to see artwork that relies on the use of a very limited palette of colours. For this one, the effect could not have been better. I always imagined Zecora as something more that she actually shows, that she is not only a mere inhabitant of the Everfree Forest, but something more....

My first impression was that of a grown-up Scootalo, visiting the treehouse after some years. But that impression changed and shifted quite often, while I was looking at the picture. Sure, the technique is good, the lighting, colours (especially the colours), etc. but that only would make the pictur...

I like the fact, that the orange brush-strokes break up the whole picture a bit into sections, but not too much so that they would act as a outline. It leaves enough room to allow the colours to merge together when viewed from a distance, while spicing up the whole picture. I did a fullscreen view a...



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Hi there,

its been two and a half years since I started working on Ponyville Mystery and while I know that this project is ridiculously big, I wanted it to happen. And while I am not on the final stretch yet, I can see it pretty clearly from here. When I started, I imagined it to become some sort of community project, where people are excited enough about it so really start creating own Cards, so I uploaded the Card designs and instructions alike and I even posted a help request at Equestria Daily, when the project was featured.

Well, I don't want to start complaining here (too much).... I won't. There's enough whining on the Internet. :) Let's just say, that my sister and me are making steady progress.

Ultimately I don't have anyone to blame but myself. I got some offers to help, but that was at the end of April and my schedule was becoming so tight, that I couldn't manage to bring our whole project back online and finish the work I needed to finish. So - to these 3 people - sorry, my bad, I will fix this soon and if you are still interested.

Soo... that's the deal: Ponyville Mystery is inches away from being in a playable state, not finished (so much artworks to do!) but playable and if everything goes according to plan, we will in fact have a playable Version of the boardgame ready for Galacon 2014 ....hopefully. If not, we'll have many many many Cards to show!




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Love the new cards! Kudos!
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It was awesome meeting you at Galacon and I just have to say you've got amazing artistic talents C:
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