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Spellcaster by Konsumo
This is a card for our boardgame Ponyville Mystery.

Skills are given to each player at the start of the game at random (normally every character gets 1 Skill in the beginning) and can only be obtained in a few ways later in the game.

See the backside of the Card here:

Card Back - Skills by Konsumo

Daily Card Challenge: Day 68

Investigation Encounter 040 by Konsumo
Investigation Encounter 040

This is one of the many encounter cards for our boardgame Ponyville Mystery, a investigation encounter card to be specific. You draw one of these cards randomly if you end your turn on an Investigation location. There are a total of 8 Investigation locations, each one with its own color code. If one of the colors matches the one on the card, you've found your encounter, if not you'll draw again until you do.

Yellow cards (like this one) have special encounters for the Mirror Pond (watch out for doppelgangers), the Caves beneath Canterlot (mysterious and long forgotten), the Flame Geyser Swamp (muddy, foggy and full of flames) and the Realm of Dreams (maybe Luna watches over you?).

This card in particular has special encounters for the the Caves beneath Canterlot, the Flame Geyser Swamp and a general encounter for all of the locations above not getting a special one this time.

See the backside of the card here:

Card back - Investigation by Konsumo

Daily card challenge: Day 67


Tree of Harmony by Konsumo
Tree of Harmony
This is the artwork for the location Tree of Harmony in the boardgame Ponyville Mystery.

See the finished location here:

Tree of Harmony by Konsumo

Daily Card Challenge: Day 66

Tree of Harmony by Konsumo
Tree of Harmony
This is the finished location for the Tree of Harmony. It will appear like this on the gameboard.


The little icons mean different things

Green Apple - This is a safe location
Symbols of the Sisters - Quite a few encounters bare the possibility of gaining Blessings.
Harmony Symbol - Quite a few encounters bare the possibility of gaining Harmony.

The symbols of all locations match those on the back of the cards or the marker itself, so it is as intuitive as possible to read the symbols right.

This is for the Daily Card Challenge. Now, you may notice that this here is not a card, its a location. But I uploaded a nice little card back too!

See the artwork here:

Tree of Harmony by Konsumo

Daily Card Challenge: Day 66

Ponyville Mystery now on Wordpress, Twitter and Tumblr!


A nice and neat little gallery, all sorted in various categories regarding the projects progress! Some of the cards there have not been released here :)

Tumblr and Twitter:

These should be quite self explanatory, they are good to stay up to date :)



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fucking christ. I didn't realize you were a brony too. I love your traditionals, epecially "Changling Royalty"
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do you mind if i color some of your works with paint program i might credit you if i use them
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Love the new cards! Kudos!
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